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Built in 1963 across the Panniar River, a tributary of the Periyar River which is the longest river in Kerala, Ponmudi Dam is one of the major sources of hydro-electric power in the Idukki district. 


You definitely do not want to miss a beautiful panoramic view of the Ponmudi Dam. 


It is just a 5 minutes drive away from Ishta. If you are down for it, go for a morning or evening walk & you will be there in less than 30 minutes. With the beautiful weather and surrounding views, it is definitely worth it.



Located very close to the Ponmudi Dam, be sure to stop on your way at the Echo Point, another cool spot to enjoy. 


Shout at your highest pitch from this spot and have fun listening to your own echo come back like a boomerang!


Also known as the "Kashmir of South India", Munnar is a very popular tourist destination, especially for honeymoon. It is South India's largest tea growing region.


Approximately 25-30 Kms away from Ishta, it is a fun drive through winding roads that cut through the beautiful lush green tea plantations.


Your trip to Idukki will be incomplete without visiting the Munnar tea plantations. We promise you'll fall in love with its breathtaking views and the taste of their very own tea, or chai as they call it!




Take a drive or walk over this suspension bridge, over 100 years old while enjoying the beautiful weather and views together.


It's less than 5 kms away from Ishta. We would recommend you to visit this spot on your way to Ponmudi Dam.


It's a beautiful cascade waterfall.


Located just 5 kms away from Ishta, you can reach this beautiful spot in less than 20 minutes if you are taking a drive. 


For nature lovers, this is a visual treat and a perfect location to relax. They also have small shops to buy icecreams, juices, hats, local accessories and souvenirs for you to take home.






It's hard to capture the beauty of this absolutely breathtaking hilltop in a photograph. Hence, it is a must-see hillscape not only for its the 360-degree beauty of the mountains, greenery, blue skies and tall windmills, but also to experience the immense power of the wind that will surely blow your mind!


Approximately one hour drive away from Ishta, and you will thank yourself for adding this spot to your vacation's must-visit list.


Let's begin with the highlight of this park - it's the Nilgiri Tahr, an endangered species of caprid/goat. You get to see them really close as this park is declared for their protection and conservation and therefore holds it's largest surviving population.


This is the first national park in Kerala and a prime attraction in Munnar. It is a great spot to spend 4-5 hours of your day and experience wildlife, forests and a glimpse of the Anamudi mountain, the highest peak of South India. Currently, you can also witness the NeelaKurunji bloom here, that happens only once in 12 years.


Approximately 28 kms away from Ishta.



Located less than 5 kms away from Ishta, this hilltop gifts you the most amazing views of sunrise and sunset. The name "Naadukaani" translates into "see the country" and that is exactly what this spot offers. Being at an elevation of around 3000 ft above sea level, you get to enjoy the panoramic views of the entire local area while you feel the cool breeze and fresh air.